Learning Management System (LMS)

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● Manage your online courses

● Sell your courses online

● Manage students and teachers

● Monitor usage and sales analytics

What do we offer you?


Mobile friendly LMS to manage multimedia courses and student progress.


High performance server optimized for speed, security and SEO.

Tech support

Technical support to help manage the LMS and improve it based on analytics data.


What type of content can I upload to the LMS?

You can easily manage texts, documents, photos, video exams and even certificates.

What users can the LMS have?

It absolutely depends on you. You can manage teachers, assistants, students, tutors, parents, guests and others interested in the learning process.

What payment method can I use to sell my courses?

If you want to sell your courses, then we can integrate PayPal or Stripe. If you already have a payment method that you want to use, we can also integrate it.

What are the benefits of managing the operation of my own LMS?

By managing your own LMS you have control over the entire platform: both the content and the functionalities you want to implement. Additionally, you can optimize your time and resources by automating the operation of your courses.

I already have a hosting plan, do I have to contract one with you?

If you already have a hosting plan and you are sure that it will support the load of your LMS, then there is no problem. But if you need one, we can provide you with a custom designed one.

What is the support about?

For two months we will provide you with free technical support to adjust and improve the system based on usage and sales analytics. After two months, we can continue to offer support with one of our maintenance plans .

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