I forgot my client portal password, how can I recover it?
If you forgot your account password, you can recover it from my.carnaval.studio by entering your e-mail account.
How do I log in to the feedback dashboard?
To enter the feedback dashboard, you just have to use the same username and password that you use to enter your website.
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How can I modify my HockeyStack dashboard?
To make changes to your HockeyStack dashboard, make a request by opening a support ticket, through any of our communication channels, with the analytics you want to collect.
What is the best way to submit my edit requests?
To send a request to edit your website, you can do so through our means of contact. But the best way is to do it from your own website using the feedback bar at the bottom of your website.
How can I add an email account?
You can add an email account from the panel of your hosting account from the "Email Accounts" module, or send us a support ticket.
How can I create an additional website?
To create an additional website you must create a database and add a domain or subdomain, or use the WordPress one-click install script available in the control panel. If you want us to do it, you only need to open a support ticket through any of our communication channels.
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