Clock WordPress Care Plan

USD 199
Unlimited website edits
Monthly WordPress, themes and plugins updates
24/7 Monitoring
Monthly backups
Priority support
Strategic advice
Emergency support
Alerts y popups management
Google Analytics integration
Cloudflare CDN
Speed optimization
Security optimization


What's included as unlimited edits? And what's not included?

Unlimited edits include changes to content on posts, pages, landing pages, headers and footers; changes on plugins settings; CSS modifications; and changing images or texts.

Unlimited edits doesn't include custom development (PHP code, plugins, themes, etc.); custom code updates; graphic design; photo and video edits; new content creation; building a new site on a domain or subdomain.

Are edits really unlimited?

All edits are really aunlimited. We don't like to restrict our clients. You pay your suscription, and we offer really unimited tech support. 

What does 24/7 monitoring involve?

 24/7 monitoring involves that every sencond we check site security, every single action a user does on the site, an that site is always active. So we monitor: a) site security, b) user activity, c) and site uptime.

What happens if I have more than one site?

Our plans cover only one website. If you have multiple sites in either domains or subdomains (for example, and, each one counts as one site. So, if you have 3 sites that you want us to manage, you need 3 plans, one for each site. You can choose different plans for each of the websites you have.

How's the onboarding?

After payment, we will get in touch with you in order to securely request the credentials to access your site and the panel of your hosting provider.

How do I get support?

You can request support by our online chat or by email. Either way, we will comply with our response times.

What's your response time?

Both in priority support and emergency support, we will respond in 1-8 hours. However, in priority support, we will complete the task in 24-48 hours, while in emergency support we will complete it in 4-8 hours.

If the task is complex and needs more time than 48 hours, we will inform you. But it all depends on each task. Do not worry, we will always answer your request as soon as possible.

What is the strategic advice?

We have designed strategic consulting to help you continually improve your website. We recommend improvements and we implement them if you wish. We believe that a website isn't monolithic, but rather a constantly improving project.

What is involved in alerts and popups management?

The management of alerts and popups involves the creation and administration of notifications and popups of the following types: informative, conversion counter, latest conversions, visit counter, customer reviews, discounts, cookies, and others.

Write us to tell us the alert or popup that you want to implement on your site and we will do it.

What is Cloudflare CDN for?

Integrating your site with Cloudflare CDN helps you to deliver content faster to your users and, to make your site more secure.

Why integrate Google Analytics on my site?

We believe that improving a site must be continuous. That is why we propose improvements to your site permanently based on usage analytics. Thus, analytics help us to do that.

Can I make custom development with you?

We do not carry out custom development in our maintenance plans. But if you need personalized development, we can do it in any of our service plans. If none of them fit your needs, we can customize one plan for you.

Do you offer SEO optimization services?

In our maintenance plans we do not perform SEO optimization services. But if you need us to work on the SEO of your site, we can do it in any of our service plans. If none of them fit your needs, we can customize one for you.

Do you clean up malware?

We can clean your site from malware, but not as part of our maintenance plans. We must review your site and assess the scope of the cleanup work. Let's write to review your case and give you a solution.

Do I have to migrate from my actual hosting provider to contract a maintenance plan?

You do not need to migrate from your hosting provider to contract our maintenance plans. But if you have problems with your current hosting provider, we can take care of the hosting service with any of our hosting plans designed for security, speed and SEO in mind. Just get in touch, and we'll design a hosting plan that suites your needs.

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