Landing page design

USD 1020

USD 400

Start selling with a landing page

● Custom design

● Optimized for sales

● Strategic advice

● Priority support

What do you get?

Landing page

USD 600

(and priority support)
Responsive design and optimized for getting leads and conversions


USD 120

(free for one year)
High-performance server optimized for speed, security and SEO

Permanent advice

USD 300

(free for one year)
Strategic advice to take your business to the Internet and optimize your online sales


USD 400

*The domain name is not included. The domain name is your business name on Internet. For example,


What does the USD 400 payment include?

The payment of USD 400.00 is a single payment that includes the design of a landing page, free consulting and hosting for one year.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a single web page that has the function of getting  leads or  conversions.

What is the domain name and where can I get one?

The domain name is the name that your business has on the Internet. For example, your domain could be We will help you get a domain at the lowest price if you don’t have one.

If you wonder how much a domain can cost, the answer is that it depends on which one you want. If you are looking for a .com domain, then you could pay around USD 8.88 per year. If you are looking for one, remember that we will help you get your domain at the lowest price.

Will my page look good on mobile devices?

Yes. All the landing pages we create are designed to look good on all devices, but first of all on mobile devices.

What is hosting and what happens after the free year of hosting?

Hosting is the space you rent to host your landing page files. After the free year, you can hire any of our hosting plans or take your site elsewhere. We know you are going to stay with us. 

Can I later convert my landing page into a website?

Of course. If you later want to convert your landing page into a website, you can do it. You can check our plans for that. Just contact us to find the best way we can help you.

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