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Deliver your website content from more than 550 servers worldwide.
At Carnaval Studio we know that the loading speed of a website is important because of different factors. Thinking about improving the search engine positioning and the user experience of our clients' websites, we decided to create Caronte CDN.
Images on Caronte CDN are instantly compressed and optimized. Just by uploading them to your website, Caronte CDN is responsible for delivering it in WebP or AVIF format, depending on the browser, and in a lower or higher quality according to the quality of the signal of the user who is browsing the website.
Caronte CDN takes care of delivering your site's fonts instead of Google's origin server or CDN. Thanks to Caronte CDN, fonts load before website styles, thus improving the user experience.
In addition to delivering the CSS files, Caronte CDN is in charge of optimizing the styles instantly thanks to the SlimCSS functionality, exclusively delivering the styles that belong to the page that the user is viewing.
The heaviest resources that a website can have are JavaScript: jQuery, GSAP, among others. Once they are delivered by Caronte CDN, you don't have to worry about them adding extra weight to your website.


Deliver the content of your website to your users at the speed of light. Add the images, fonts, SGV, CSS and JS files to Caronte CDN, and ensure they are delivered to your users at full speed.
Worldwide CDN
We deliver your website's images, fonts, and SVG, CSS, and JS files from more than 550 servers around the world.
By not rewriting URLs, you can reap the benefits of a CDN and stay in the top search results at the same time with Caronte CDN.
Automatic Transformations
AVIF, WebP, Size Reduction, Progressive JPEGs, Interlaced PNGs and many more without setting them manually.
Service Worker
Caronte CDN by working in the background does not affect the loading speed of your website.
Client Hints
Deliver your images in the correct dimensions without having to configure them one by one.
Easy to Use
Install the Caronte CDN plugin, configure it with a couple of clicks and let Caronte CDN do the rest.

How to use Caronte CDN?

Currently Caronte CDN is available in both our hosting and maintenance plans.
1. Choose a plan
Select between our Managed WordPress Hosting Plans or WordPress Care Plans.
2. Install the Caronte CDN plugin
We will send you the Caronte CDN plugin so you can install it on your WordPress site.
3. Your website is ready
Set up the Caronte CDN plugin in a few simple steps and let Caronte CDN do its work.

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